Case Studies

These are some examples of how ESL has been used to successfully simulate real-world systems

Giotto - Halley's Comet Probe

ESL was used to simulate the control system responsible for the 'de-spin' of the antenna system. The probe rotated during flight for even distribution of solar exposure. The communication antenna required rotation in the opposite direction to maintain a fixed orientation with respect to the Earth.

Hubble Space Telescope

An ESL study was carried out to simulate the effect on the orientation of the telescope as it makes the transition between sunlight and eclipse. The dynamic effect of thermally induced vibrations in the panel arrays was investigated.

Validation of On-Board Software

Validation facilities allow satellite software to be tested on the ground prior to launch in a simulated space environment. ESL has been used to provide the dynamic features of the environment simulation.

North Morecambe Bay Gas Rig Training Simulator for British Gas

ESL is used to provide the underlying real-time simulation of the process plant and associated equipment. The embedded segment facility is used to integrate the real-time simulation with the decision control functions of the simulator and graphical operator screen displays.

Rapid Gravity Filter Simulation for Yorkshire Water

This application provides a detailed simulation of rapid gravity filter beds and associated water treatment works plant with the objective of optimising filter management in order to minimise the risk of contamination with cryptosporidium

Here embedded and remote ESL segments were combined with a Visual Basic interface to provide the packaged product - COGSYS H2OK

Gas Turbine Compressor Station Integration for Transco

In this application, ESL simulations were used for integration testing of various components of a new gas compressor station. Simulations of the gas-turbine compressor train and associated control panel were integrated with the plant SCADA system, allowing validation of the control sequences to be carried out prior to commissioning.

The application demonstrates the ease with which ESL simulations can be integrated with existing hardware and software systems.