ISIM is a company with over twenty years' experience in dynamic simulation.

We offer our robust simulation engine, ESL, as well as bespoke consultancy and training services.

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ESL 8.3.0 now available

Includes ESL-Studio graphical integrated development environment

ESL-Lite - free entry-level version

ESL-Pro - the full professional version

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ESL 8.3

Find out more about the multi-rate simulation features in ISIM ESL 8.3


ESL brochure and full documentation including user guide


ESL Software (and additional software)

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ISIM's Products, Consultancy and Services

ISIM develops, maintains and sells its flagship ESL simulation language and graphical front end.

Quotes for the software can be obtained either by contacting the company directly.

You can find information on training in the ESL language on our consultancy and services page.

We also offer bespoke consultancy services, backed up by over twenty years' experience in dynamic simulation.

Visit our case studies pages to see examples of ISIM’s collaborations and to find out how we can help you with your specific needs.

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